Tbilisi Pride is Coming! – an Interview with Giorgi Tabagari, LGBT+ Activist from Georgia

Giorgi Tabagari, LGBT+ activist reveals the story behind the first ever event of this kind in Georgia. Why not Caucasus Pride? What’s so unique about the event? What are the fanciest LGBT-friendly spots in Tbilisi? Last but not least – how Giorgi’s personal story is related to the Polish context? Tbilisi Pride will take place […]

What To Do in Albania? Six Albanian Pleasures

Visiting Albania and not spending time by the seaside? Yes, that’s my case and I don’t regret it. What to do in Albania then? Everyday life of Albanians turned out to be more fascinating than busy holiday resorts. This country may be photographed in a very diverse ways, including the most popular “Albania of rubbish […]

Romania: Alternative Guide for Backpackers

What to see in Romania? Is Transylvania worth visiting? What to do in Sibiu and Sighisoara? Is Dracula’s castle in Bran interesting? I started asking these questions when I already landed in Bucharest. The decision to go to there was rather spontaneous. Moreover, my first idea was to stay in Bucharest and go to the […]

Industrial Stories#1: The Name

My grandma’s name is a name of a patron saint of coal mining. Berbra (Polish: Barbara). Surprisingly, she was given this name by her family living in green Masovia known for fruit farming. The family didn’t expect that after graduating in Warsaw, as a young woman, she would move to Upper Silesia, the capital of […]

10 Thoughts On High School Reunions

I won’t go, because I’m afraid of their judgements. I’ll go, cause I need to show them I’m doing so well. I won’t, cause I feel guilty about my dreams that didn’t come true. I’ll go to prove how happy and good-looking I am now. I won’t, cause I feel inferior as a single woman […]